Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hi All -- Attached are some photos of our trip to the beach on Long Island last week -- a fun day for all! Suzy and Willy got along great in the car -- she loves to go for rides. She just takes a nap (and snores sometimes!) The beach was chilly, so we snuggled in a blanket on the dunes, while my husband took Willy down to look at the waves. Suzy loved to walk around a bit on the sand too. She loves her new coat from the HSNY -- so elegant! I have to get a different harness to use with it though, since it doesn't have a leash hole. She is so amazing -- she sometimes "jogs" when we go for walks (she is full of energy in the evenings!) -- it is hysterical -- she sort of tosses her hair back and forth when she runs -- I'll have to video-tape it. She is such a ham about having people pay attention to her! She and Willy are getting along really well now. We bought her a crate with a cozy fleece pad and took the door off, so it's her own little "room" -- she loves to go in there and chew on bones and kong toys. My husband is in love with her and treats her like a little princess (that she is!) -- he calls me all the time in the afternoon to report what the "guys" are up to ("Suzy is napping", "Suzy is chewing on her toys", "Suzy is snorting around looking for a treat!") I think Willy is feeling less jealous -- they each have their own "terrain" in the apt and seem to respect each other's boundaries (though Willy does go into her crate to see what she has in there and make sure she's not borrowed any of his toys!)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Trooper and Bailey

Trooper (the Golden) and Bailey (in black) were friends at our shelter, and they were adopted at about the same time. Leaving the Humane Society of New York didn't mean saying goodbye; now they're neighbors!

A note from Trooper's owner-
My son and I adopted Trooper last Wednesday. Trooper is doing well. He is a lovely dog and very well trained. We are very lucky to have him. Please let the former owners know that we love him. Trooper former owners clearly cared for him and trained him well since he is such a loveable, good dog. I'm sure they still think of him. Thank you for the great work that you do and your wonderful dedication to these beautiful animals.


A note from Sadie's owner-

As promised, new pictures of Sadie. She was recently groomed, and she(gasp!) does have a waist! Her coat is very full and shiny, and she is verymuch at home here. She loves to play and every activity becomes a game.Anne-Marie, if you ever encounter another Sadie, just let me know. I'd drivedown in a heartbeat.
You can read Sadies complete story here (Scroll down to the middle of the page. We were calling her Sarah, back then).

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


A note from Rosita's owner-

I wanted to send you some pictures and links to videos of Rosita. Bonnie and Lowell were both amazing and could not have picked a better cat for me. We get along well and I must say I didn’t think she would get used to me as quick as she did. She loves her cubby holes (Big bookshelf) and really enjoys the chairs, you will see in the pics.


A note from Pricillia's owner-

I have been meaning to write to you for quite some time to tell you how much I adore "Pricillia" Odd-eye who I adopted from your organization in 2007. (I actually call her EYEsis because of those beautiful eyes).

She is an absolute delight and is very happy and comfortable in my home. She loves to sit in all the open windows, snuggle on the cozy oversized chair that is "hers" now and even play chase with my female tortie, "Guinness." It took a bit for them to adjust, but now they chase and play all day long - just what I wanted! I absolutely adore her -- she's my little white Goddess of the house. Thank you for placing her with me. I just cannot imagine how such a beautiful cat would be up for adoption. She's a Light in my life with her pure snow white fur and personality. I love her so much!


A note from Noodle's owner-

My sister Ariana and I adopted Tatiana (now "Noodle") from you in April of this year, and we just wanted to write and say how wonderful of a cat she is and how happy she's made us and everyone she meets. She is friendly, incredibly active, and the most loving cat you can imagine. She likes to ride around on our shoulders and will do anything possible to always stay near us. She is also incredibly talkative (I swear she can say "hello")! Welove her so much and can't thank you enough for giving us such a wonderful adoption experience.


A note from Mimi's owner-

Mimi is proud to announce that her official NYC dog license came in the mail yesterday, so she is now a legitimate puppy and no longer living on the fringes of the law. Still too young to vote, though.

She is constant fun to have around, and we have had no serious problems at all, just a few minor housebreaking accidents and some whining when either or both of us leave the house, but even those seem to be in the past. She has chewed up a couple of household items when unsupervised (nothing valuable or dangerous) but for the most part leaves our things alone and concentrates on her toys. I think she has gotten a little bit taller and a few pounds heavier but still has her girlish figure.

The students I have coming to the house are always greeted enthusiastically (but not too enthusiastically), and then she tends to take a nap or chew on her toys at our feet during the lessons, which is just what I had been hoping for. We left her with a friend in Greenwich Village for a few days when we had to go out of town for a weekend in August, and no problems there, either, except that the friend didn't want to give her back.

I have attached a few more pictures of Mimi at home and in the park. One of them is an action shot with her best friend Gladys (the dachshund). Mimi is quite the social butterfly and has lots of friends in the neighborhood. She is especially cute with Sophie, a 4-month-old puggle puppy from a couple of blocks away, so we will have to make it a point to get pictures of them together for a future email, though there is little chance that they will ever stop playing long enough to take a photo.


A note from Edith's owner-

I just wanted to share some pictures with you.
Edie is doing great and we are so happy to have her.
She likes to sleep on the end of our bed, play with her pink mouse,
and get up at 6am on the dot. She doesn't mind licking her bowl clean

Chucho (Avi)

A note from Chucho's owner-
I had adopted Avi, the large - almost human :) - gray cat on July 25th. I spoke with Bonnie yesterday to follow up and let her know how Avi's getting along, and promised I would send along photos of him at home. I'm happy to report that the adjustment period was shorter than anticipated. After about 2 days he crawled out from underneath my bed (it's a low platform bed, so how he was even able to fit under there is beyond me!) and actually ate and used the litter box.

I was so relieved, as I was beginning to worry that he'd starve himself. He's incredibly lovable and so well-behaved; he's quickly won over the hearts of all my friends & family.

As for the toy mice, Bonnie was right! He loves those small life-like toy mice and scurries around the apartment kicking them like soccer balls. Avi (whose name I've changed to "Chucho" .. pronounced CHOO-CHO .. after Chucho Valdes, a famous Cuban pianist) is an adorable, sweet cuddle bug and I have the Humane Society to thank, for introducing him to me and allowing him into my life. You can rest assured that he's in a loving & caring home.