Monday, December 31, 2012

Willow's Happily Ever After

Many of you may recall Willow, a senior dog that was abandoned at someone's doorstep. The person who found her brought her in right away and it turned out that Willow was not well.  Her body was covered in tumors.  Our doctors performed surgery to remove the tumors and we nursed her back to health.  After a very long recovery, Willow gained some pep in her step.  She rarely showed signs of her age or her ailments.  Willow bonded with many of the people here and we are so happy that she was finally adopted.  We just received this letter from her new family:

I am so sorry it has taken so long to get these to you.  The hurricane hit us hard and we were without power for a week and a half and phone/computer for two.  Then it has just been catch up, holidays, etc.  Then the tragic events with our neighbors in Newtown, CT which have rocked everyone to their very core . . . 
 Here a few photos that I took with my phone.
 Please know that Willow is so loved by all.  She sleeps cuddled up under the covers with me every night.  S has asked to have her sleep with him but I can't sleep without her now -- Sorry S!!
 She has her favorite bone -- which she also sleeps with -- keeps it buried in the covers on "our" bed.  She plays with her toys, has a couple of jackets for the very cold days and LOVES to go for walks.  Races around the house like a crazy puppy.  Goes EVERYWHERE with us -- she helped pick out the Christmas tree that we chopped down ourselves.
 She and Sophie cuddle together the most (in Dudley's crate in the kitchen).  Poor boy rarely gets to chill in there anymore!  LOL. 
Sometimes you will catch all three in there though. . .  the door is always open.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another Note From Kobe

To All at the Humane Society of New York:

As you can see by the photo below, 2012 ended up being a great year for me (I am the handsome guy on the left).  While first discouraged, I ended up with my new gal pal Scarlett out in Long Island.  The month of November was very challenging with Hurricane Sandy and no power for 14 days... We lived in my human's warehouse. We at least that had power, heat and all the other important accommodations for humans (internet, TV, telephone, etc.).  After returning back home, we had to make sure to be careful where we walked... not just for debris like broken glass, but for leftovers from food spoilage that was put on the curb for trash pickup... All in all, we fared pretty well compared to many on the block.  Many homes were flooded but we were not. 

As you can see, I am happy, healthy and looking forward to a wonderful 2013 full of long walks, great treats and the continuation of my friendship with Scarlett.

Thanks for all you do at the Humane Society of New York!  Without you I wouldn't have found this home.   My humans are soooooo happy to have me and Scarlett likes to have me around!  They tell me everyday. 

From all of us, we wish you a very healthy and happy 2013 and may this year bring warm and wonderful homes to those animals that are in need of one.


Kobe & family


Second pup in, Violet, dashing through the snow with her brothers and sisters! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Garbo Is Home

Happy Holidays from Garbo and her family, one year later! 

Merry Christmas from Cooper & Jackson!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holly Is Home


Miss Holly Golightly (formerly "Helga") wanted to give a one week update from her new house!

She knew she was home the second she walked in the door--she jumped right up on a chair in the living room and decided that was "her" chair. Since that day, every chair in the apartment has become "her" chair--she especially loves the leather butterfly chair in the bedroom!

Holly is quickly adjusting to being the most spoiled puppy on the Upper East Side, and is as glamourous as her namesake. She already has three jackets, and really enjoys her leopard print sweater since it matches her favorite leopard print toy. She loves her dog walker Carlos, who says she is already getting along great with the other doggies in her group. She gets five walks a day, four with mommy and one with Carlos, and she is handling the fifth floor walk up stairs like a champ (though she prefers to be carried like a princess).

Holly has a growing fan club and has already been visited twice by her Aunt and Uncle who shower her with presents and love when they are here! Uncle offered to get her a pretty pink airline approved bag--and just in time, her first flight to see her extended family of doggies and kitties and ponies and donkeys in Colorado is Thanksgiving day!

Holly loves to snuggle and give lots of kisses (including to the Fresh Direct delivery lady!) and charms everyone she meets :) we are having a terrific time hanging out--I would say getting to know each other, but it feels like we've known each other our whole lives! I think she knew right away that she was home with her person :)

Attached are some of my favorite pictures of Miss Holly so far. My phone ran out of memory on day 1 from taking so many pictures! In addition to being the most spoiled pup on the UES, she may also be the most photographed!


Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Days For Seamus

I just wanted to share some pictures of our beautiful boy out in Jackson Heights.  We are so happy that he is now part of our family.
 Thanks so much to everyone at the Humane Society for the wonderful work you did with Seamus.
 Take care!

Getting ready for Christmas! 

In the living room.

The Happy Boy

The Handsome Boy 

Family time! 

Friday, December 7, 2012


Friends at the Humane Society of New York,

Bonnie, the wonderful matchmaker, guided us to Baxter (previously Sweet Pea) in October. He is a cat extraordinaire and he couldn't have a sweeter temperament. He hasn't yet won over our older cat Sadie, but he is still trying! Baxter loves getting his belly rubbed and toys with feathers. He has made a great addition to the family and Bonnie's advice regarding introducing the two cats made the transition much easier than we had ever expected. Thank you for your amazing work and dedication!

We have attached some photos from Thanksgiving weekend. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hope all is well!
A quick update on Dexter. He is such an amazing dog! Eager to learn and eager to please. At night he has been sleeping in the dog bed at the side of our bed and his crafty way of letting me know its time to get up or go out is not to try and jump on the bed while licking my face or he pulls on the sheets~ crafty little guy.

Dexter is fascinated by airplanes when they fly overhead so it is funny to watch him outside. Dexter plays with Buddy A LOT! They run around together barking and wrestling while Scamp supervises from up high. He fits in perfectly and makes us laugh.

We also took him for his first haircut- pictures attached so you can see what a handsome boy he is!!!

All the best!


"We are in love with Iris, even though she's not supposed to be on the sofa.
Thank you so much!!!!"

Zola and Mikalah

Tallulah Chasing a Squirrel



For about 2 days after we brought Hercules home, he was jumping all over everyone and everything (minor quirk), but now he's calmed down and other than annoying Bones here and there (we make him stop playing when he does that and he has gotten a lot better...Bones actually chased him in play a couple of times), he is great!!   

I attached a pic of them sleeping together :)  
Take care!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pretty Happy Persian

Hi there!

Please enjoy these photos of your former resident and now our very happy little Persian buddy DesiLu aka OzzienHarriet aka Lola.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Cat Manu

Hi Humane Society of New York,

Here are some pictures of Manu who I have renamed Happy Boy because he is just so happy! The day after I adopted him we played all afternoon, and after four days he started sleeping on the bed with me at night.

Adopting him is the best thing I could've done for myself after my cat of 21 years past away a few months ago. He has really helped with that empty feeling I had. 

We are both just so happy!

A Note From Kobe

Dear Friends at HSNY,

As you may know, I went to my new home on Wednesday, September 26, 2012.  It was a short car ride to Long Island and then I went for a walk with my new dog friend, Scarlett and my humans....lots of grass and tress to sniff!  I get to sleep in bed with everyone and have lots of new toys to play with.  So far, so good....

Kobe B.

(Sent by my human)

Kobe on the left, Scarlett on the right. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

"She Keeps Me Human"

Hello Humane Society of New York,

Last August I happened into your shelter with a friend, thinking I was just going to play with some kittens on a Sunday afternoon.  Instead, I ended up adopting a kitten.  

You guys had dubbed her “Lupe”, but I named her Ellie instead.  Eleanor Meowsevelt, actually, because “no one can make you feel inferior without your purr-mission” J.  I certainly hadn't meant to get a cat that day, but when I met her, I knew she and I were perfect for each other.  Apparently, you did, too.  I am so glad you did.

This beautiful cat had been one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me.  She is the sweetest, softest, funniest, cuddliest cat I have ever met, and she makes me laugh every single day.  She even plays fetch (for real, she has a toy mouse I’ll throw and she’ll run and get, then bring back to me to throw again and again)!  

I don’t know how frequently you get emails updating you on the pets that are adopted from your location, but I had to share with you how much she has brought to my life.  I’m a graduate student living by myself in Brooklyn, so there are days when I’ll be studying from morning to night and wont ever leave the house, But Ellie is always with me, on my lap while I read journal articles, or helping relieve my stress with the sound of her constant purring.  She keeps me human, she keeps me smiling, and she’s very vocal, so she actually chirps back at me when I talk to her.

I want you to know how happy she and I both are together.  She found a wonderful, loving home, and I found an adorable, caring companion.  We are a perfect pair, and I look forward to having her in my life for many, many years to come. 

Thank you again! 

Finally Home

Here are a few pictures of Sasha and her new lifestyle as promised. 

 Her favorite toy.
 Wearing a headband. 
Cuddling on the couch. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Queen Cleopatra

Hello HSNY,

I am the woman who adopted a cat named Gina last Friday. 

I thought you might like an update on how she has adjusted to her new home, and I would appreciate it very much if you would kindly share this message with Bonnie, who handled our adoption.  I would just like to add that I considered this adoption like I would have one with a child, and it was so important that we found a cat that needed a home, and that would integrate nicely with our personalities.

I came in on a Sunday afternoon with my children, and Bonnie spent some time with us during the interview process.  I do not know how she did it, I would imagine that she has honed a gift of matching people and pets….she brought in one cat and one cat only, and she could not have made a better match!! I could not have wished for a better baby girl….she is and will be a HUGE part of our lives, and to this we are indebted to your staff and Bonnie especially.

We have given our cat another name, we call her Cleo, for Cleopatra, because she is our beautiful little queen.

When we took her home, she stayed under the sofas all of one hour and by the end of the evening she had the run of the house!

Her favorite spot is under a big wood table in the dining room, she loves lounging on the rug under there…in the evening she will sit with us on the couch, sprawling out comfortably while the 4 of us two-legged beings squeeze into the remaining space as to not disturb her highness!! LOL

I am including some photos so you can see what I mean…please share them, it means a lot that you see how happy Cleo is in her new home.

She is thriving!  Her coat is shiny and soft, and she hardly is shedding at all!  She seems very happy, she is so sweet and very friendly to all of our friends who stop by to meet our new addition.  All hail Cleopatra! LOL J

Thank you for all you and your staff do, every day, may it come back to you all in many blessings.

With warmest regards,

Cleo’s new family.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


 How are you?  I hope this email finds you well.  Samantha (renamed Molly) has really become a a true family member over the past month.  M and I feel so blessed that she is in our lives and that we have found each other.
 Attached are some photos I thought you'd find fun.  Here's Molly in the Catskills with us investigating the Espous Creek & Molly doing her famous party dance when my mom sent us a care package that included What is My Dog Thinking? She has already taught me so much.  Each day with her is a gift.  Thank you for supporting us on this journey.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Meeting for the first time! 

Hope and Dylan: Part 2

Just a few from the entire album of gorgeous photos!