Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well, the trip home from Manhattan went just great! She howled for about 3-4 minutes right when we left, then was completely quiet. I took her out when I stopped for food, then back into the kennel and she didn't protest as much this time, slept and was as quiet as a mouse until we got to Petco. There she picked out a stuffed chipmunk, and we got a large bag of food for her.
The entire family LOVES her! It is amazing.......she is truly one of us now....amazingly that fast! She loves, loves, loves the boys, and they are NUTS about her! They run the wheels off each other and it is a blast to watch! At the end of the fun, they all have their tongues hanging down to their shoelaces! It is fantastic to have a young dog that can go, go, go and keep up with my youngest almost 4. She's happily eating and drinking and is just as pleased as punch with us! She slept in her kennel and didn't make one sound all night long! (I was prepared for a LONG night....but was SO surprised!) Thank you so VERY much. The decision was yours in the end, and I'm so happy that you gave us our happy ending!