Thursday, May 26, 2016

French Toast is now Numi!!

Hi there,

Numi has been with us for a whole month already and all three of us love her! She is still super curious and extremely hungry at all times ;) Numi and Miko love to play together now - especially at 11pm and 4:30am! Play can get rough at times (at least to my eye) and it's the most adorable thing when they lick each other! =)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ollie Oop!! : )

Ollie Oop in his new home!

Hi! Here is a picture of Paddy (we renamed Ollie Oop) whom we adopted on March 18th from HSNY. 
He is so lovable and is acclimating very well to his new home.
You were right, is a mush!
Jacqueline and Jack 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Calvin now Logan in his Home Sweet Home!


This is Karen and Donny, we adopted Calvin, now named Logan last Friday. Below are 2 pictures we wanted to share.

He is adjusting very well and is bringing so much joy to our lives.

Bonnie, thank you so much for picking the perfect cat for this household! He is such a character and we love him dearly.

All the best,
Karen, Donny and Logan 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Simon and Sebastian

Once upon a time, two puppies were born and sent to a puppy store.  A lady bought them because she was told that they were Chihuahua's and would not be big.  She was also told that they were healthy.  

After about a week, the lady realized the puppies were Dachshund mixes and had worms.  The lady was not happy with this information and decided that she did not want to keep them.  She brought them to the Humane Society of New York where they were able to be treated for their worms and once better, find them homes.  

The puppies adjusted pretty well; they were easy going and happy to be loved.  They were buddies and did a lot of fun things together, becoming quite the party animals.  They co-hosted a Halloween party on Madison Avenue with Maison de Pawz; attended a scarf launch for Donni Charm; visited twice, modeled for Mrs. Sizzle in Peruvian Connection; attended Bill Berloni's Best In Shows; and supported Sassafrass Jones' new book at a Christmas party at the Loews Hotel, where a real Christmas miracle occurred...

On break, we saw Santa on his cell.  An unusual sight to see!
Now this is where things start to sound like a fairy tale but we promise, this really happened.  Santa was calling in a favor!  He was telling his friends who were looking to adopt a new pup that he was with two puppies named Simon and Sebastian and that they would be the perfect family for them.  He took this picture and sent it to them. 
A few days later, the boys were meeting Santa's friends.  They came in to the Humane Society of New York for an interview and initial meet and greet.  Things went perfectly and it was decided that this would be their new family! They went home about a week later, just in time to celebrate the New Year.  
Here they are in their first days at home.  The boys are inseparable and love their new life.  We couldn't have imagined a better story! 
The end. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Hello HSNY,

We love Oreo! Sweet as can be. Cuddly, playful, SMART. He’s a wonderful cat and we adore him and shower him with affection all the time. 

The first few days, he was very insecure, understandably. He stayed mostly to the bedroom, seeming unsure what he was supposed to be doing. But little by little, he’s become more comfortable. He loves to play (we have a nice little scratching post for him), stretch, flip and roll around, and he purrs constantly. It is so easy to love this cat. Plus, he’s absolutely adorable. 

I’ve discovered that catnip turns him into a wild man and sometimes he freaks out, so I got rid of the catnip. He also has some eating behaviors that will need to be worked out, and we will. 

I’ve attached a few snaps. I wanted to include some video, but the files were too large, alas. 

It’s clear to me that he was very well taken care of with you. Thank you for that and for letting us take him home. We’ll definitely give you a call to set up an appointment for shots and to say hello. 

In the meantime, keep up the good work and good luck with adoptions!

Warmest regards, 


Tuesday, February 23, 2016



We wanted to share a photo of Rhubarb with you.  We cannot begin to tell you how much we adore this pup--her personality and heart are as precious as her adorable face.  She is doing great with training and is adjusting to life in Hell's Kitchen beautifully.  She even made an appearance at my job and has already become a mascot for my office.

The last four weeks have been full of adjustments and adventures and we have loved every minute.

We are so happy to tell people about the wonderful work HSNY is doing and look forward to sending lots more pics of our Rhu!


Monday, February 22, 2016