Monday, September 30, 2013

Miss Jane

We are located on a special block.  Our neighbors are our friends and we tend to look out for each other.  One day, a few doors down at the florist Jane Packer, a cat was stuck in their backyard.  An employee came over to discuss what they should do because she seemed scared and out of place back there.  

We went over to see what the situation was and from behind a planter, this little black head poked out and went right back.  There was a bit of a hide and seek game going on but eventually, after all the tricks in the book, she came out shyly to check out the buffet of food we had laid out for her.  After she had a little snack, we scooped her up and brought her to the hospital to get her checked out.  

She was a very friendly kitten and did not have a microchip.  We decided to call her Jane, after where she came from and after about a week of asking around and making sure no one was missing this sweetheart, we decided to find her a home.  T came in and fell in love and the rest is history!  Here is a note from T: 

Hello, friends at Humane Society!

We've had Nanban (Miss Jane) for a little over two weeks now, and things couldn't be better.  She's quite comfortable in her new home and has plenty of kitten energy (she has decided to convert the apartment into a race track after meals).  She has been so loving, and likes to spend time hanging out with us while we watch movies and do work from home.  She is also very spoiled with all of her toys.

I've attached a few pictures of Nanban for your viewing pleasure.  She says hi!  

Thanks again for letting us be the lucky ones to have this cute little kitty.  We'll definitely be back for her yearly check-up.


P.S. You may be curious about the name "Nanban."  It is the word for a fried chicken dish, famous in a southern region of Japan where both S and I lived.  Literally, it means "southern barbarian."  Consequently, our Japanese friends give us quizzical looks at our choice.  

Friday, September 27, 2013


It's not exactly a 'hard knock life' for this puppy!  Ariel met her new family at Broadway Barks this summer and now she's living a pink princess kind of life.  Congrats! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


When the cat of this original dynamic duo passed away from old age, the dog was very sad.  His owner knew that the only thing that would cheer him up would be another buddy.  So she made an appointment and came in to see Bonnie, the Adoption's Director, in hope's of finding a match.  

Bonnie a.k.a. "the pet matchmaker", had the perfect cat in mind.  When they met, it was love.  They went home and spend every single second with each other.  They are the best little companions.  

Here are some photos of them sitting on the bed, sunning together, and just completely exhausted after a long play session.  SO cute! 

Monday, September 23, 2013


Gus is getting ready for the Fall!  

Thursday, September 19, 2013


The dog on the left, Winnie, was adopted from us when she was just a puppy.  11 years later she is happily living with her family, enjoying lovely sunsets and fresh air on Martha's Vineyard.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Hammer!

"We adopted Emma, now Hammer, from The Humane Society of New York in September 2012. 

As her one year anniversary approaches, Hammer wanted to email her old crew from The Humane Society of NY to let them know that she is safe and happy, and receives four to five daily walks, plus lots of playtime. Hammer says thank you for seeing her through her transition from adoption to her forever family. To this day, she holds a special place in her heart for HSNY volunteer Steve, who gave her lots of attention and walks. 
Hammer asked me to share some photos of her that document her journey from the past year.

In the past year, Hammer has made good friends with cousin Banjo, an 85-pound golden retriever from suburban NJ, and Weird Uncle Barley, a 41-pound beagle from Lancaster, PA. Hammer has been to Ocean City, NJ, as well as Mystic, CT, and Rhode Island. It is safe to say, Hammer loves the ocean breeze! At least once a week, Hammer hangs out with her doggie crew at Treats and Tips, a local dog sitting service in Astoria. 

B & M"