Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Twins

Hi Sandra, Bonnie and Lowell,

Just wanted to send you a quick update on Humphrey and Bogart.  They are doing great and we are really enjoying them so far.  They are eating better now and the house training is going well.  We have a dog walker that started coming once a day last Tuesday and they seem to like her, so that has really helped.  

We took them to the park yesterday to test out their new sweaters and I think they had fun.  Below is another photo of them resting at home afterwards.  We will try to send more photos as our collection grows.  

Thank you for all you have done to take care of them and help them transition to their new lives.  
Enjoy the photos and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Lavinia To The Rescue!

Dear Humane Society of New York, 

Back in January, we were looking on your website and I saw (and kind of fell in love with Lavinia),  my Husband thought she looked nice, so we made an appointment to come in.  That first day, we met Bonnie, who was lovely, helpful and talked to us at length about the dogs available.  My husband was keen on bulldogs, but knew I was half sold on Lavinia.

We met her first, she was very underweight, skittish and full of life.  She bounded over, licked Eric's hand and it was game over.  We did look at the other dogs, but she was the one.

Like all new parents, we took her home and were clueless, what we did know was to play and make use of the park next door to us.  We also started to take Lavinia to various dog runs across the city to socialise her, and what we found was that having that play time with other dogs, made her happy, calmer and just a more joyful dog.

While talking to other dog owners in our area, we realized that we had no access to off leash, safe, play areas for our dogs. We talked and talked, but couldn't get it out of our heads about the happiness Lavinia had shown each time we went to dog runs/parks.  So we formed our own little committee and from then have started to campaign to our council.

At present we have a facebook page: www.facebook.com/lincolnterracedogrun 
a twitter account: http://twitter.com/Dogrunlt

I guess you could say, that Lavinia has changed our lives completely.  We have gone from socialising in the city and never visiting the park, to hosting puppy halloween parades and political petitions.

We have been so blessed with Lavinia, we adore her so completely, she comes everywhere with us, to work, on vacations etc.  We are so thankful for you rescuing her so that she could choose to come live with us.

Many thanks

C & E 

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Here's a story that will warm your heart on this cold November day! 

Shane's original owner was going through some hard times and could no longer keep him.  This was not an easy decision because Shane's best friend was the owner's son.  It was an emotional goodbye but she knew it was necessary and that we would find him the best new family and take care of him in the meantime.  

Shane was a good dog but he's quirky and we learned that he would require a particular home that understood him and his needs.  Finally, the right family came along.  We are proud to report that Shane has another best friend and brother who takes great care of him. We are really proud of this happy ending!   

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Boogie & Max

A couple of Sunday's ago, Max & Boogie were the featured dogs on CBS Sunday Morning Furry Friend Finder.  They are two senior Cocker Spaniels looking for a home together.    

At CBS Furry Friend Finder. 

That afternoon, we got a call from someone who had seen them on TV.  We met her and she met them and the rest is history!  Max & Boogie went to live out their golden years with her a week later!  We wish all three of them the very best! 
On their way home! 
V writes: 

Here is a first picture of Boogie Girl and Max exploring their new back yard and the block where we live in Roslyn, Long Island. We had to take a long walk as soon as they got out of the car because they were VERY curious about everything. We are now in our special doggie room -- the addition to the house, a large den with four picture windows, where I work at home. We are all very tired, and are ready for an afternoon nap.

Thank you again for taking such wonderful care of these sweet pups. I will send more photos soon."

Monday, November 4, 2013


If you visited the Humane Society of New York in the past year or follow us on any of our social media outlets, you almost certainly met or heard about Edgar.  If you are not familiar with him, please read his full story HERE.  Edgar is a story of survival, luck, strength and love.  He had a tough road and a lot of supporters behind him.

We are so proud of this Sandy survivor who found his forever home almost exactly a year after the day we met him.  Hooray for Edgar and his new family!  
In the car on the way home!