Friday, August 22, 2014

Miles (formally Butterscotch)

Hello HSNY,

We just adopted the sweetest and best cat EVER. We renamed him Miles, and it took him all of ten seconds for him to feel at home in our apartment. Here are some pictures of the little bugger! We really can't thank Bonnie enough for finding us the cat that fits our lifestyle and needs perfectly.

Have a good day!

Monday, August 18, 2014


Queenie, like many other rescue animals, has mysteries in her past.  We don’t know her age or her original name. What we do know about this yellow-eyed Persian cat is that she lost her home during hurricane Sandy and was taken in by a kind woman who fostered her for several months.  When the woman could no longer care for her, a man she knew brought her to the Humane Society of New York early last year.

There, the vets discovered that Queenie’s long hair was so matted she had to be shaved before they could even examine her, leaving her hairless except for her head and long fluffy tail.    

And that is what Queenie looked like when she found a new home with Margot, who gave her the regal name.  Margot was looking for a loving cat to keep her company on the many days she was unable to get out because of her health.
"I thought no one else would adopt her with no hair like that,” Margot says. “She was so funny looking, but I fell in love with that face and that long bushy tail.”

It took several months for the hair to grow back.    “It’s all different colors,” Margot says, “gray, black, white, blond. I love when she sits and stares at me with those gorgeous eyes and one white paw and one black paw.  She’s like a little lady, so graceful, and she bats around the only toy she likes – a   tinfoil ball I made for her. She loves to lie on newspapers and boxes, and she’s taken over the comforter on my bed. Everything in this house revolves around her. She is the queen“