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Rub a dub dub, three dogs in a tub. Godfrey was here two years ago. He waltzed in with dapper demeanor, stealing the hearts of all he passed. It was not long before he was placed with a family and even more lucky was that he was joining two other dogs just as big eared as he was!

He now lives happily with his brother and sister and they do everything together, from curling up on the couch and watching (for as long as they can stay awake) their favorite movies like Charlotte's Web and Men In Black to playing games like hide and seek.

This picture was taken in their favorite hiding spot in the house, the tub! (Godfrey is on the left)


Parker was an exciting adoption for a couple of reasons.  We had just signed up for a new app called Vine.  You can post 6 second video clips and Parker was our very first post.  "A" saw that video and came in to meet Parker and eventually adopt him.  (Just as a bonus, "A" was so impressed with HSNY, she is now also a volunteer here!)  It was really neat to see how new social media played a part in placing the right cat with the right person.

"A" reports that he is an entirely different cat now that he is home.  Turns out he loves to be held, enjoys watching TV with company, is a neat freak, and is not as tough as he pretends to be.

She writes:
"When we came in to find the perfect kitty for us, Parker stole our hearts with his personality, good looks & mitten hands. Little did we know how perfect the match was! Bonnie warned us that he was a little instigator--and not the kind of cat you can pick up.

We brought him home last Friday and he has been a total pleasure ever since!! Parker actually loves to be held, follows us everywhere and is beyond curious about everything we do. He loves to look out the windows, sleep next to us, wake us up with gentle taps to the head, crossing his mittens when he sits, and playing with his toys.

Thank you to HSNY for respecting the animals enough to make sure they go home with the right humans. Parker could not be a better fit for our little family!

Here are some photos of Parker in his new digs--a quick adjustment indeed.

- A"

Tuesday, June 4, 2013