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A Lovely Letter

Dear HSNY,

How can I ever thank you for the gift that Tanner and Killarney are to me! Tanner is one of the most delightful cats I have ever met. And would not believe it is the same cat.

Killarney sits with me all day in my home office. He has this whisper of a chirp...and he talks to me all day. Killarney follows me around the house. He sleeps with me at night and he has become a beloved member of the family. He plays with the other four cats, he eats from my hand and he has this impish personality.

I think that all Killarney needed was a home. The first week was a little rough. I had to feed him baby food by hand, as he was very scared. But by the second week, he was calmer...and by the third, he walked around the house like he owned the joint!

My parents are staying with me until the beginning of the New Year. My father plays with Killarney for hours. I am sure they will miss each other when my parents return to Florida. My mother just finished making them all Christmas stockings. We plan on stuffing them with toys!

You will be delighted to see just how happy Tanner and Killarney are. Bonnie, thank you again for the opportunity to adopt Tanner and Killarney. They have added laughter and fun to our lives. I think they know that they are cherished and loved. I can not wait until you see their photos. I wish you and your staff a very happy and healthy new year!

Monday, February 6, 2012

1 + 1 = LOVE

"Merlin (formally Tyshai, on the left), is pictured here with his sister, Serafina. They just got back from the groomers. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you!"

Happy Holidays!

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